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About Medical Guardian

Founded in 2005, Medical Guardian’s goal from the beginning has been to empower their customers to live life without limits. The company founder, Geoff Gross, began the company in his apartment after his grandmother suffered several falls that led to her needing help at home. He spent many hours developing a system, talking to older adults who wanted to remain independent, but who needed an added level of security. Since that time, the company has grown into one of the top-rated medical alert systems in the world. The company believes that this is due to their focus on putting the customer first.

What is Medical Guardian?

Medical Guardian has products that are designed for every need, whether you need a simple system to notify someone when you have fallen or a system with GPS technology. Systems are monitored 24/7 with Medical Guardian and all personnel are trained in emergency services. They also have representatives who speak multiple languages, removing that barrier as well. The company loves to hear how their system saved their life or the life of a loved one as that was the goal from the beginning of the company.

Medical Guardian Packages and Pricing

Medical Guardian offers many different packages, all with different pricing. These include:


A smartwatch with the newest technology, MGMove is designed for people on the go. Not only can the watch be used to alert someone of an emergency, it also allows you to chat with loved ones using voice to text if you choose the Social Circle Apps package. You can even set the watch to alert you when it is time for medication or an upcoming event if you choose the Social Circle apps package. The watch will track steps and you can perform monthly testing with no need to call a live representative. Because the system is wearable, you simply need to press a button when you need help. The average cost for MGMove is about $36.62 per month for an annual plan and $39.95 per month for a quarterly or monthly plan. Adding fall protection increases the cost by $10 per month.

Mobile 2.0

For those who don’t like to wear a watch or who already have a watch they wear regularly, Mobile 2.0 offers some of the same benefits. The device can be worn around the neck or carried in a pocket. It is also available as a watch for those who prefer that type of device. Simply press the button if you need help, whether it is police, fire, EMT or even mental health services. The device is lightweight and syncs easily. It has a long-lasting battery and is water resistant. It includes access to MyGuardian. The cost for Mobile 2.0 averages $39.95 per month. Added fall detection is $10 per month.

Mini Guardian

Although the Mobile 2.0 device is lightweight, some find it to be a bit bulky. For those, the Mini Guardian may be a better option. It also has a five-day battery and is water resistant. The system offers advanced location tracking using WiFi and GPS as well as reliable coverage on a nationwide 4G cellular network. It comes in three colors and includes continuous monitoring services. The average cost of the Mini Guardian system is $39.95 per month plus $10 for fall protection each month.

Home 2.0

For those who need help at home, Home 2.0 is one of the products offered by Medical Guardian. The system does sync with a necklace or bracelet to provide an added level of protection should you need to leave home. This system is one of the most advanced home-based systems available. It offers a Smart Voice Assist button with over 1,400 feet of protection, the size of about four football fields. It includes access to the MyGuardian portal and app as well. Sync with the necklace or bracelet to wear around the house so that you always have assistance nearby, even while you are at home. The cost of the system is $34.95 per month plus an additional $10 per month for added fall protection.

Classic Guardian

The Classic Guardian is the most reasonably priced option, allowing you or a loved one to age in place for around $1 a day. It provides up to 1,300 feet, almost three football fields, of protection and it connects to your landline phone. This is the perfect system for areas that do not have broadband or where cellular service is poor. The base can be synced with a necklace or bracelet which is included. It also has up to 32 hours of backup battery power. The most reasonable of the systems, Classic Guardian costs around $29.95 and fall protection is an additional $10 per month.

Medical Guardian Devices

Each system and package offers its own device with Medical Guardian. Both the Classic and Home 2.0 systems have base devices that can also sync with a necklace or bracelet that is included with the base. Mobile 2.0 and the Mini Guardian are smaller base units that can also be worn on a lanyard around the neck or carried in a pocket. MGMove is a smartwatch that can also be used to reach out to family and friends using the voice to text option.

Medical Guardian FAQs

How does Medical Guardian work?
The system works like other types of medical alert systems, allowing you or a loved one to press a button to call for help. There is also optional fall protection available that will alert someone if you or a loved one fall. Once the button is pressed, a call is sent to the monitoring center who will assess the situation and get help there as quickly as possible.

What add-ons are available?
Medical Guardian has several add-on services. These include a protection plan, OnGuard Alerts, fall detection, wireless wall button, voice-activated buttons and lockboxes. The costs of these add-ons vary.

How easy is it to buy Medical Guardian?
You can purchase a system online simply by choosing a device and clicking “Buy Now.” Once you reach the order summary page, you can customize the system and will be asked to choose a subscription plan. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. If you plan to add on any services, you can do so on the next screen. Enter all the information, complete the payment information and confirm your purchase. The device will be shipped directly to you.

Will my system be covered by Medicare?
If you only have Medicare Part A and B, the system will not be covered. It is possible if you are enrolled in Medicare Part C, or Advantage, plans, that a portion of the cost of the device may be covered. You would need to reach out to your provider to see if coverage is available and what steps to take to get the coverage.

Are the devices covered under a warranty?
The Medical Guardian devices do have a warranty, but only for defects in the products. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. With the protection plan, you may be covered if your device is dropped, or something is spilled on it and causes damage.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
Medical Guardian does not offer a money-back guarantee. If you decide you do not want the device and return it, if there is any damage, there could be a $350 fee assessed. Even if the device is not damaged, a $50 restocking fee may apply.

Medical Guardian Cost Comparison

When compared to other medical alert systems, Medical Guardian’s costs are comparable. LifeFone offers monthly plans of $29.95 per month and up. Their fall detection is only $5 per month and the system can connect via landline or cellular. Medical Care Alert has a monthly cost starting at $29.95, but it has a smaller in-home range at 1,000 feet compared to as much as 1,400 with Medical Guardian. Fall detection with Medical Care Alert is also $10 per month. Lifeline had plans starting at $29.95, but their base units have an even smaller range at 800 feet. However, they do include fall detection in some of their packages at no additional cost per month.

Medical Guardian Pros And Cons

Pros of Medical Guardian
Medical Guardian has many advantages with one that most people find beneficial, no long-term contracts. The company also allows you to choose monthly, quarterly or annual payments with discounts on annual subscriptions. If you choose a prepaid plan, it is refundable should you cancel and there is free activation. The system is easy to install and there are no installation fees. The average response time is one to five minutes, and it is possible to connect with caregivers directly through the app. All wearable devices have customizable screens and a wide range of icons that will allow you to disguise the device purpose. Medical Guardian often offers promotional discounts as well.

Cons of Medical Guardian
Although the system has many advantages, there are a few disadvantages to choosing Medical Guardian. They do not offer a free trial like some medical alert systems offer and there is no money-back guarantee if you find you don’t like the system. You must purchase some of the equipment depending on the plan you choose which can add to the initial cost. There could be a restocking fee and if there is any damage to the device, a fee of up to $350. Fall detection is only available at an additional cost per month. Medical Guardian is slightly higher in price than other alert systems.

Our Final Thoughts on Medical Guardian

Because Medical Guardian has far more advantages than disadvantages, our review finds that it is a very good system. The pricing is transparent, and the customer service representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. You can also complete the entire transaction online without speaking to a representative if you prefer. Medical Guardian is slightly more expensive than other systems, but some of those have a much smaller range which could result in you or a loved one being unable to reach the unit should something happen outside the device range. Because the devices can be disguised as jewelry and are less bulky than other wearables, Medical Guardian may be the better option if you do not want it to be obvious you are wearing a medical alert device.